Alumna Puts her Degree to Use in Grenada

Kimberly Colder put her studies at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences into action when she started a drive to gather supplies for school children in Grenada, a poor island nation in the Caribbean.

Principal Degale and Kim

In May, Colder won the Student Service Award, presented at Wilmington University’s commencement at the Chase Center on the Riverfront. She is spending the summer in Grenada, studying for the LSAT exam and spending time with extended family.

A master’s student, she worked with Dr. Mary S. Berridge, chair of the Behavioral Science program, to provide the students of Hindsey School with bulk supplies, including crayons, pencils, sharpeners and geometry sets.

“We even purchased some Fidget Spinners so the children could experience toys that American children are fortunate to play with,” Colder says.

Collaborating with Dr. Berridge boosted her enthusiasm for the project even higher. “Dr. Berridge has shown nothing but compassion and care toward the less fortunate children of Grenada,” she says.

When she arrived on the island, Colder visited the school and witnessed first- hand the difference her project made in the lives of the students and the staff.

“It was such an amazing experience to see the happiness on the school staffs’ faces when they saw the supplies,” she says. “I would have never imagined that people, including children, would be so grateful for school supplies. The principal asked me to take pictures. He was so humble and grateful.”


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