The Call to Write

DenneryDr. Cecilia B. Dennery, ‘12, has been giving back to the community in more ways than one. After earning her Ed.D. from Wilmington University’s College of Education, she founded the Doctrine101 School of Ministry, adding that her dissertation research was pivotal in establishing the school.

Prior to coming to WilmU, she had felt the call to write, “but had no idea what I should write,” she says. She had always found solace in writing, and knew that writing would be the way she would communicate her spiritual views. Now a published author of two books and a third on the way, Dennery spends her time helping those who seek spiritual guidance.

But what motivates the motivator?

Teaching has been Dennery’s lifelong love, and she’s always believed in sharing knowledge with others. Then it hit her. “It seemed that nothing could be better than doing the one thing I enjoyed most: teaching,” she says. But not just teaching any subject. Dennery wanted to teach people about the Bible. And having the honor to do that, she says, “was a little bit of heaven on earth.”

Dennery had prior teaching experience, having been part of the business faculty at her alma mater, the University of the Virgin Islands. She earned her master’s in biblical studies from Cairn University (formerly the Philadelphia Biblical University), and became an elder of Christian education at The Resurrection Center in Wilmington, where she was responsible for all aspects of Christian education and training. She also established a ministry for the deaf, where she trained sign language interpreters within the church. But it was her coursework at Wilmington University that taught her how to lead. Her Ed.D. in innovation and leadership challenged her to think about collaborative leadership and human interaction.

Dennery’s first book, “Christ and Covenant: Key to the Scripture,” helps readers interpret the Bible. Her second, “Demystifying the Book of Revelation: Seven Critical Keys,” does exactly as its title suggests.

Her current work, “The Key to Your True Identity: Tracing Your Biblical Roots,” dispels fears many have about The Book of Revelation. She says she was inspired to write it because of her concern for “the lack of understanding of race in the Bible, and how God views race.” ­­­

Written by Kendal Parliament, WilmU Magazine Co-op writer