The Racer Within

WilmU graduate student Jeanette Halliburton is about to take on the biggest race of her life. She is a very busy woman, but that won’t stop her from racing around the world in more ways than one.

If you talk to Halliburton on Tuesday she may be training for cross-country, on Wednesday she may be working for a radio station, on Thursday she may be studying and on Sunday she may be running a church event. Every day of the week she has a different activity to keep her moving, because that’s exactly what she likes to do.

She is well known on WilmU’s New Castle campus for her many activities and bubbly persona. Halliburton volunteers anywhere she can, and is not afraid to strike up a conversation in the student center, hallway, parking lot etc.

Halliburton is a cross-country runner, and was awarded MVP for the women’s cross-country team this past season. Even with leg injuries, she came in tenth place at the 2014 championship in Philadelphia. By the end of that season, she was running a 5k in 18:51 impressive time to say the least. She is now running her last year of cross-country as she begins her master’s degree at Wilmington University.

She also has done co-op work for Delmarva Broadcasting in Wilmington, which opened the door for her to intern at other local radio stations including, WDEL, WSTW, and Graffiti Radio. Halliburton’s co-op hours are complete but she continues to work remotely for the stations as needed.

In August she spent her second consecutive year covering the Little League World series for ESPN. This is a dream experience as she plans to combine her B.S. degree in studio production, television and journalism with her love of sports.

As if her list of accomplishments were not already impressive, Halliburton was chosen to run the World Race in 2015. It may sound like physical running, but this race is a bit different. It is a mission trip that crosses 11 countries in 11 months. Halliburton is scheduled to depart in January 2015 for the journey of a lifetime. She is set to travel to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Swaziland, Botswana and South Africa.

Halliburton sees her biggest passion as helping people, as people have aided her so much in her life. Since moving to the East Coast in 2009 from Arizona, Halliburton was taken in by five different families and lived in three states.

She is spending her time before January earning credits for a master’s in marketing, raising funds for her long trip, and preparing mentally, physically and spiritually.

“I’m pretty excited about all these awesome experiences and opportunities I have going on in my life,” says Halliburton. “I’ve been feeling God’s calling to do something this big for a while, but I’ve been waiting for the right time and I believe my time is now. Wu