After a long over-due process, we are pleased to announce the winners form the First Annual East Coast ReBoot! Tom Shewbrooks Best Photojournalism Tom Shewbrooks Best Photo Overall David Monticcio Best Poster Team Gamma Capture the flag Exalt Games Best Game I think we’re scallywags 48 Hr Film Race Joey Winslow Best 3D Steve […]


IT Business Proposal

Description: Students will present an idea for a new use of IT or an IT strategy, including a business case, to a panel of 3-4 judges who will ask questions. The students will have 3 minutes to make their pitch and the judges will have a total of 5 minutes to ask questions. After 4-5 […]


Photoshop Fight Night

Description: The event starts out with an all out “Design Brawl” pitting you against all of the other contestants, with the Judges watching for your result in the first 30 minutes on a specified project to be named at the time of competition. Qualifiers from the first round get matched up Head-to-Head style for round […]


Best Game Pitch

Description: Best game pitch involves not only the creation of an idea, but also getting buy-in from the judges on whether or not they would back the idea. Concept Art, Story lines, Character Bios, and other supporting work may be used within the presentation. Team or Individual: Individual or Team Estimated Time Length of Competition: […]


Best Game

Description: Best playable game that includes 3 levels, player, 3 types of enemies, Main Menu Screen, and documentation or tutorial level. Team or Individual: Team (3 to 5 members) Estimated Time Length of Competition: 48 hrs. Rules: The theme of the game will be assigned Friday evening, pre-made assets may only be used if the […]


Best News Package

Description: Create a 2 to 3 minute News package covering the event to be shown during the 6 or 11 O’clock News. Contestants will be judged on coverage of the topic, clarity, graphics, and sound. Team or Individual: Team (2 or more) Estimated Time Length of Competition: 5 hrs. Rules: Must be Shot on Saturday to […]


Best 3D Project

Description: A theme will be assigned at the time of the event and participants will be required to create a project complete with modeling, texturing, and rendered elements. Team or Individual: Either Estimated Time Length of Competition: 5 hours Rules: Project and renderings must be done at the time of the event and you will be […]


Best Motion Graphics Piece

Description:  Any frame by frame or computer-assisted animated film or video, or non-gameplay video game animation may be created within the two hour time frame. The contestant will be judged on content, creativity, technical quality, depiction and overall impact. Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition: 8 hrs. Rules: Entrants must create the projects […]


48 Hr. Film Race

Description: Contestants will produce, shoot, edit and screen their film within 48 hours. Contestants will need to include a theme, character and dialogue given at the beginning of the contest. This contest will be judged on how well the group/individual used the content given. Team or Individual: Team (must have at least 3 team members) Estimated […]


Capture the Flag

Description: Teams will prepare the required images from a document provided Friday evening, then launch those images Saturday morning by 10 am in preparation for Red Team attack. The attacks will continue until 3pm, and the results will be posted and discussed during the awards ceremony on Sunday. Team or Individual: Team Estimated Time Length […]


Best Built Website

Description:  This contest will be judged based off of content, attractiveness, easily searchable, media-friendly, interactive, and domain name. Team or Individual: Either Estimated Time Length of Competition:  8 hrs. Rules: All content and code must be created during the event. OTS software as permitted by the OTS Software Rules. Format: HTML Prizes: TBD


Best Use of HTML5

Description:  Use of HTML5 (how well app shows off the power and grace of HTML5 on the latest devices), Elegance of app design/architecture, Coolness & innovation, and tests well on iPad 4, iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, and Microsoft Surface as well as desktop operating systems. Team or Individual:  Either Estimated Time Length of Competition:  All weekend […]


Best Photo Journalism

Description: Best Photo Journalism is the best photo from the event capturing a news-worthy moment, with a small narrative to accompany the photo Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition: All Weekend Rules: Photographers may enter in any combination of single, story, or portfolio categories. A portfolio may contain no more than 10 images […]


Best Photo

Description: Best Photograph taken at the event of any subject not prohibited by the General Rules. Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition:  All Weekend Rules: Photographs must be in digital format. Only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is cropping. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are NOT acceptable. Any […]


Best Poster

Description:  Creation of a “Movie” sized poster promoting the ECRB Event. Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition:  3-5 hrs. Rules: Must use current ECRB logo, must be created during competition, must be original content. Format: JPEG, EPS, PDF Prizes: TBD


Best Logo for ECRB

Description:  Creation of a Full Color and black & white logo for ECRB. Illustrator or other vector format. Team or Individual: Individual Estimated Time Length of Competition:  3 – 5 hrs. Rules: Must be vector format, must be created during competition, must be original content. Logo must not interfere with current WilmU logo, but also complement it. Format: […]