Wilmington University a “Hidden Gem” on College Recruiter’s 2015 List

The College Recruiter (collegerecruiter.com)blog has released its annual “Hidden Gem Index” for schools that have an exemplary computer security program. Wilmington University is included on this year’s list along with such notable schools as Drexel University and Rochester Institute of Technology.

College Recruiter describes the criteria for the list in this paragraph from their blog:

“The modeling for this hidden gem school project was to identify the schools which featured high SAT/ACT scores for entering students, high average starting salaries for the regions in which the schools were located, a high percentage of graduates working in their chosen field of study, and a majority of the graduating class available for recruitment by employers. The availability factor distinguishes many of the excellent from the hidden gem schools. An excellent school may have a high percentage of its graduating class already committed to work for other employers or going to graduate school but that is not a school at which most employers will find success in their effort to hire graduates. A hidden gem school, on the other hand, is one at which employers are likely to find high quality candidates who are ready, willing, and able to say yes to an offer of employment.”

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