Raspberry Pi Club

First meeting of the Raspberry Pi Club!

The first meeting of the Raspberry Pi Club took place on Saturday, July 12th, at the New Castle campus of Wilmington University. Students and enthusiasts met between 10 AM and noon to find out what the Raspberry Pi is all about and to discuss their various interests and projects. Part of the time was also spent going through the setup of the lab.

For those not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it is a computer the size of a deck of cards used by hobbyists and others to build all sorts of things from games, to sprinkler system controls, to universal remote controls to whatever ideas you can come up with. For some examples of the kinds of projects people have built using the Raspberry Pi, please check out the links below.



 While just a handful of students showed up for this meeting, we had the added bonus of enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of the July–something as unique as the Raspberry Pi Club itself! The next meeting is tentatively planned for August or September. In the mean time, the WilmU Raspberry Pi Club was set up as a Google+ hangout in order for club members to collaborate between meetings.

Bob Montejo is the faculty advisor for the club.